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  1. 首先將My Jewelry Whatsapp電話號碼: 5114 2017加入閣下手機聯絡人內
  2. 然後發送一個短訊至My Jewelry Whatsapp提供閣下之姓名及電郵
  3. 我們便會Whatsapp $1000現金禮券給閣下 (於星期一至五 10:00 a.m.–6:30p.m. 辦公時間內發送)
  4. 親臨愛飾珠寶各分店,選購指定正價Regular貨品滿港幣$1888並出示Whatsapp內之$1000現金禮券,

*閣下一經登記My Jewelry Whatsapp粉絲$1000現金禮券,便同意接受My Jewelry透過電郵方式,SMS或Whatsapp之優惠及推廣訊息

*優惠並不適用於 GIA, IGI證書貨品,Unique Collection, 訂購貨品及925純銀貨品



使用細則: Terms and Conditions

1)    購買正價貨品滿HK$1888(以單一發票計算),可作HK$1000現金折扣優惠。
This HK$1000 Cash Voucher can only be used for any single net purchase that reaches HK$1888 or above.
2)    優惠只適用於門市購買。Special offer is valid in shop purchase only.
3)    享用優惠時必須出示Whatsapp內之$1000現金禮券
       Present the $1000 Cash Voucher in Whatsapp to enjoy the offer.
4)   每位會員只可使用此優惠乙次。 Each member is able to use this offer once only.
5)   此優惠適用於My Jewelry各分店。This special offer is valid in all My Jewelry Shops.
6)   此優惠不適用於購買GIA,IGI證書貨品,Unique Collection, 925銀貨品,指定公價貨品、訂購貨品、半對耳環或配件。
      This special offer is not available to purchase GIA,IGI Certificated Products, Unique Collection, selected fixed-price items, 
      925   Silver products, diamond order items, single earring or / and accessories.
7)   此優惠不能累積使用兌換現金。 This special offer cannot be accumulate used, not redeemable or cash.
8)   此優惠不適用於退貨或換貨服務。This special offer cannot be used in return or exchange item services.
9)   此優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用。This special offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offer and privilege.
10)  愛飾零售有限公司保留行使此優惠券之最終決定權
       My Jewelry Retail Ltd. reserves the final decision right on all matter concerning the use of the offer.
11)    此優惠之有效日期由即日至20201231
         This special offer is valid from now until 31st Dec, 2020 .
12)    PC Code : C439